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Public Healthcare Workers Now Get Meal and Rest Breaks

California Labor Code now guarantees meal and rest breaks for public healthcare workers. In this episode of California Employment News, Meagan Bainbridge and Katie Collins review the details of the newly added Labor Code Section 512.1 and how it applies to both public healthcare employees and employers.

Watch this episode on the Weintraub YouTube Channel here.


Best Practices for Employers to Start The New Year

Weintraub Tobin is pleased to announce the launch of California Employment News, a series of short, informational videos designed to keep California employers up-to-date on legal developments in employment law.

In this inaugural episode, Weintraub employment attorneys Meagan Bainbridge and Lukas Clary discuss best practices for employers to implement regularly, such as at the beginning of the year.

Watch this episode on the Weintraub YouTube channel here.